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Week 4 starts now

Week 4 image

It's been almost 2 years since I took a break from the Video Game industry!!! What??? I've missed it so much and am so excited to finally get back into it... starting right now. I'll be spending the fourth week of each month working on building a game (or games) and will do my best to post updates on my progress.

I've cleverly named this initiative of mine Week 4, because I'm such an original nerd :P

This week will be spent picking from my game ideas notebook and getting myself re-acquainted with the tools. Since I'll be flying solo it will be an interesting challenge to see what I can accomplish sans team. At the same time I'm soooo looking forward to being able to experiment, learn and fail (aka learn even more) and push myself without the constraints of hard deadlines, licensed IP or other external factors.

My only constraints... zero budget and whatever weird stuff I can shake outta this old brain of mine.

Let's do this!

Animated gif Tina Fey saying Let's do this.

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